Poker Range Analysis

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Whit this app you can analyze the equity of a hole hand in front of many ranges (1 to 8).
You can define the ranges by % (VPIP or PFR), the app suggest to you a range for a given %. Or you can define the range using a simple syntax, the app calculate the % of the hands represented by the range.
Taping the equity of a given range, you can analyze the equity of the hand in front of each part of the given range and get all the hands included in the range (taping, each subrange).
You can save the range’s configuration for later use
Also, the community cards can be set, making it possible to configure any given situation within a tournament.
It is very easy and intuitive.

Example of the range syntax:
‘AhAc’ -> Two Ases, heart & clubs
‘KQs,ATs+,AQo+,22+’->Any KQ suited or any suited AT through AK or any outsuited AQ through AK or any pair (22 or better)
‘AK-JT’->Any connector AK through JT
‘XXs’ ->Any two suited
‘XXo’ ->Any two outsuited
‘XX’ ->Any two (‘XXs,XXo’)


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